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For individuals and for teams

We work more purposefully as a team . The shared vision and joint way of working that was still missing now helps us to achieve good goals, in terms of team but also on a personal level.

Minyou Rek – Service Designer KPN

CX (team) intervision

Caffein shot for CX teams

The CX intervision gives a boost to your team. Together with you and your CX team, we zoom in on your challenges. You will receive input from us and each other so that you as a team create a shared vision, use a common way of working and set clear objectives.

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The CX intervision really gives me energy to build together and further develop our craftsmanship as a team.

Casper Hartman – CX Expert, KPN

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We can put together programs that match specific needs and situations. Leave your details and we will contact you. See you soon!