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Customer-centric Innovation

3* day training -

Do you want to make the innovation process of your organisation more customer-oriented? In the Customer-oriented Innovation training you learn to combine the principles of Design Thinking, Journey Mapping and Customer-oriented prioritisation, in a way that provides more structure in the creative process, but also better substantiation of choices based on customer insight. You learn methods and tools that you can apply immediately!

*Currently as remote training divided over four half-days

In this training you learn…

  • Which principles form the basis of Design Thinking, enabling you to solve complex challenges in a creative way.
  • How you can gather, analyse and process customer insights into journey maps, in a way that makes it understandable and actionable for the entire organisation.
  • To identify ánd prioritise innovation opportunities in a thorough manner.
  • To put the customer at the centre of your creation and innovation processes, as basis for well-substantiated decisions.
  • How you can directly apply various methods on the basis of exercises and examples. You will get access to a toolbox full of materials!

Do you ever doubt whether the customer is really taken into account in your innovation process?

It’s no longer a discussion that a good customer experience is important for any organisation. Neither that good customer insights is crucial for this. But how do you ensure that your customer really has a place in the innovation process? That choices for new functionalities or improvements are the result of thorough analysis of the customer experience. And that priority is given to the opportunities that provide value for organisation ánd customers. By combining the principles of Design Thinking with techniques to map the customer journey and prioritise opportunities in a customer-centric way, you create a way-of-working that delivers better results and leads to better collaboration!


Two days where you practice what we preach

In this training, existing of 4 day parts, we combine the trainings Design Thinking Fundamentals, Journey Mapping and Customer-centric Prioritisation into one program, so that you form a complete basis for customer-centric innovation.

Part 1
Part 1 | 09.00 – 13.00

De customer at the centre

We discuss the basic principles of Design Thinking and explain how these are reflected in a customer-centric innovation process. We introduce the Triple Diamond Model and explain the three phases: Defining a Customer Problem fit, validating a Problem Solution fit and optimising a Product Market fit. Finally, we start with methods to gather customer insight and process this into customer need profiles, which help to create the right mindset within the organisation.

Topics: Design Thinking, Triple Diamond Model, customer need profiles

Part 2
Part 2 | 09.00 – 13.00

Mapping the customer journey

In this session, we will further delve into techniques to put the customer first, in particular on the basis of journey maps: You will learn the techniques to map customer journeys and to use them to map the customer experience, and to identify opportunities. spot for improvements.

Topics: customer journey map, identify opportunities

Part 3
Part 3 | 09.00 – 13.00

Customer-centric prioritisation

In the third part we continue with the spotted improvement opportunities: You learn to formulate these well, so that everyone within the organisation understands them and well-founded decisions can be made. By jointly defining the right criteria, opportunities can be objectively prioritised, as a basis for weighted choices in the innovation process.

Topics: formulate opportunities, define criteria, customer-centric prioritisation

Part 4
Part 4 | 09.00 – 13.00

Ideate & Validate

Finally, we teach you to transform selected opportunities into relevant solutions. We will discuss various techniques for generating and brainstorming ideas, and then processing them into experiments, in which you can easily validate hypotheses with your target group before proceeding to implementation.

Topics: idea generation, brainstorming, experiment design, validation, user testing

For whom is this training?

Customer-centric innovation is a working method that is relevant for everyone involved in improving or renewing products and services. Whether you are a Marketing Manager, Product Owner, Innovation Lead, Developer or Designer: you are most welcome! In the training you get hands-on tools and techniques to apply directly in your team and organisation.

Personal training or in-company program

This training is designed in such a way that each participant can apply the acquired knowledge to his or her own situation and goals. But we can also tailor the components to your specific needs or put together a special in-house program for your organisation. Please contact us to discuss this.

Do you have questions?

Do you want more information or are you not yet sure whether this training is something for you? Then contact us at Or leave your e-mail address here and you will hear from us as soon as possible!