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Connect journey and operations with a Service Blueprint

1 day training -

You have insight into your customer and a good idea of ​​how you can improve the customer journey. But how do you ensure that all parts of the organization work together towards the same vision? And what support resources and processes are needed? The service blueprint offers a solution: Allows you organize the best possible service, both front stage and backstage, in line with customer needs. *Planned as on-site training, in our office in Amsterdam, subject to Corona protocol

The service blueprint is applicable in many different ways. It helps to align your whole organisation by changing your mindset: from system to customer thinking.

Mare de Groot, Director Student Affairs, Zuyd University

In this training you will learn…

  • To take the customer journey to the next level, by planning how your organisation delivers your service step-by-step, and across stages.
  • Practical exercises to start building your own Service Blueprint with our easy-to-use templates and guidelines.
  • In which situations and for what purposes you use the service blueprint, based on practical examples and an inspiring guest speaker!
  • How to use the service blueprint as a guideline for the innovation roadmap and to coordinate with the rest of the organisation.

Ever had the feeling that different teams in your organisation are working in different directions, leading to a fragmented customer experience?

It’s hard to get people aligned on a single mission and deliver a good customer experience. Most people don’t know what other departments are working on, or how their own work is part of something bigger and of influence to how the customer is perceiving their company’s products and services. To solve this, we notice time and time again how a Service Blueprint is providing ‘aha-moments’ and common ground for better collaboration.



The service blueprint is a pragmatic tool that is best mastered by just doing it… We start with an explanation of the most important elements and guidelines, and above all give you many examples and exercises so that you can immediately put the theory into practice. We also have a guest speaker who talks about the application of the service blueprint in their organisation. The training consists of 2 parts that together take about 1 day.

Part 1
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Day 1 | 09.00 – 13.00 uur

The foundation

We start with a general introduction to service blueprint and how to make it through clear exercises, templates and guidelines. So that you become familiar with service blueprints yourself and can then create them in the organisation with different disciplines.

Part 2
Day 2 | 09.00 – 13.00 uur

The Service Blueprint as your anchor point

In the second part we go in more depth. You will learn how to effectively plan and facilitate work sessions to involve and align various stakeholders from your organization, and then use it: to plan your experiments, monitor your CX, coordinate various programs, make vision tangible and identify IT requirements. We practice with practical examples and provide inspiration to find the optimal application (s) for your organisation.

After the training, we plan a follow-up meeting with each participant for personal support in the rollout of the service blueprint approach.


If you are responsible for overseeing and coordinating teams and projects in your work, this training is relevant for you. Whether you’re a Journey owner, Portfolio manager, Innovation Lead, Transformation director or similar role that is concerned with aligning teams and projects, the service blueprint will help anyone to orchestrate activities towards a better customer experience. If you continue to work with the service blueprint after following this training, we will be happy to watch a 1-hour coaching moment as part of this training.


The Service Blueprint training is set up to provide opportunity for every participant to apply gained knowledge to their own situation and objectives. However, we can also tailor the course to your specific needs or compose an organisation-specific program. Reach out to discuss.


Do you want more information or are you not sure if this training is something for you? Please contact us at Or leave your e-mail address here and you will hear from us as soon as possible!